• I trust the American people to tell us when to go to war; not Congress!
  • We have to help the downtrodden, but without penalizing those fortunate enough to have done well.
  • Creating jobs is the most important thing we can do. Everything works better when people have jobs. After we create jobs, we can go back to debating the finer points of policy and politics

10885248_10152569250078519_6590407562427503378_n John R. “Jack” Price thinks Connecticut deserves a Senator who will place the good of the people above the good of any party. He thinks the American people deserve a legislature where lawmakers work together to improve the lives of all Americans, and not to enrich their campaign donors.

“We have a system that is rigged by political parties interested only in their own survival,” says Price, the Independent candidate for U.S. Senate for Connecticut. “Career politicians tell voters things will get better if they show loyalty to the party. But things aren’t better. Unemployment in Connecticut is well above the national average, and the highest in New England. Forty-five percent of New Haven County experiences food insecurity. Across the country, we’re seeing a new class of hard working people who still can’t pay their bills. We’re mired in two wars that have taken hundreds of thousands of lives and cost our country billions.”

In the Senate, Price will work with legislators on both sides of the aisle to help revive our local and national economies, create jobs, rebuild our infrastructure, and make college education both affordable and accountable. As one who has experienced war, Price will advocate a prudent foreign policy, one that supports long term American interests, strengthens U.S. ties with Israel, and promotes peaceful, healthy relationships with all our allies. A successful entrepreneur and decorated war veteran, John Price is the sensible choice for Connecticut voters, an Independent ready to lead Congress out of partisan gridlock and back to productivity.