• I trust the American people to tell us when to go to war; not Congress!
  • We have to help the downtrodden, but without penalizing those fortunate enough to have done well.
  • Creating jobs is the most important thing we can do. Everything works better when people have jobs. After we create jobs, we can go back to debating the finer points of policy and politics
John R. “Jack” Price wants to make the American dream available to all Americans, not just to a chosen few. His number one priority is reducing the income gap, and creating sustainable jobs that pay a living wage, support our families, and help grow our economy.

  • Too many people in our state don’t know how they’ll pay their bills each month. Too many people sink into debt they will never climb out of. This situation is both immoral and unhealthy. We need to revive our local economy with sustainable jobs and create the kind of infrastructure that will attract and support businesses in Connecticut. We need to help the downtrodden without penalizing those who have done well.

  • College education is increasingly unaffordable. Many graduates take on crushing debt for degrees that offer little chance of employment. And student loans can never be discharged, even in case of bankruptcy. Meanwhile, our colleges enjoy a free ride, taking in loan money without offering any guarantees of a diploma or a job. Our universities should have some skin in the game as well. They should share responsibility for student debt and be held accountable for graduation rates and job placement.

  • It is unconscionable that the men and women who have served our country are so poorly served by our country. Our Veterans Administration is in shambles. I have known, first hand, the difficulties of returning home from war, and have experienced the shame of standing in line for a monthly government check. We owe our veterans all the support and direction they need to re enter society as productive citizens.

  • After witnessing the horrors of the Second World War and the Nazi genocide, my father told me that the United States had an obligation to support the new state of Israel. Now more than ever Israel is proving vital to our security and our national character. We must strengthen our ties with the state of Israel, our loyal ally and the only functioning democracy in the Middle East. We must protect the rights of all individuals in the region and work to strengthen freedoms in all countries in the region.